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Aug 22, 2013 8:00pm EDT
. there was no way we were going to learn that an inner-city detroit. i mean, if they said van gogh,, they would say that jackson and the van will go. so they had no idea. i made the executive decision. i would get on the bus and go downtown for a day after day, week after week, run through the galleries. listening to my portable radio, people thought i was nuts. a black kid in motown, i tried to convince him that the motown was about this. but i can always have enough information. well, the grand championship was between harvard and yale. yale demolish harvard. so, you know, i applied there and fortunately they accepted me with a scholarship. the year that i went there, the show went off here but i still got to be honored. years later i decided that i wanted to be a neurosurgeon. and so i wanted to go to this place which was johns hopkins. all the biggest names. but they only took two people year and how was i going to get to be one of them. well, i went for my interview, the fellow photo is in charge of the residency program was also in charge of cultural affairs at the hospital. we talked and som
Aug 29, 2013 8:00pm EDT
of peace over that okay so this is industry. this is a buildup industry from detroit that says what is competing with the best of the best so it's just a mindset or look at tablets. tablets have been ubiquitous for a long time but you know legacy systems like airlines and car manufactures are just starting to put them into -- to adopt them. now if industry competes with a lot of other competitors internationally it takes this long to bring these technological innovations and adopt them with their products the government is the monopoly takes a little bit longer. so the biggest challenge that i see and thank you that was a great question is how do you keep quality control but find a way to rush the market or whatever the appropriate terminology is for the government technologies or even just nontechnological innovations that could help make your product or your service better. >> i would just simply say i think we covered it earlier. the egger span is the fear of failure and not being able to learn from failure and that i think goes through government in terms of personnel systems, i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2